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Why Shape Your Strategy

You aspire to create a future that you will cherish, and similarly be proud of.

Where your plans expand your efforts to grow the purpose beyond yourself.

You can take the lead and set your pace, rather than be unsure about that future.


How We Shape Strategy

Fulfilling what your customer values, is as important as a clear vision of where your preparations can take you.

We explore ideas with you, assess what choices to let go, and even review past setbacks, so that your customer receives better or distinct value from your people, products and services.

We pursue innovation from varied industries to steer your advancement, rather than forecast growth outlook from past records.


What We Do To Assist Your Strategy


1. Project Pre-mortem more

  • How prepared are you to handle the challenge? We help you form a more robust approach by reviewing the project with you before (rather than after) the fact, identify any shortcomings, even preempt breakdowns in your team.

2. Scenario Planning more

  • Can you recognize future possibilities or deal with uncertainties? We outline possible horizons for your company and industry, spot benefiting conditions, discover what you may lack, and prepare contingencies with you to manage those risks.

3. Market Changes and S.W.O.T. Analysis more

  • Where are the Strengths and Weaknesses of your resources? What Opportunities and Threats do you face in your industry? We provide you with a sound assessment to meet changing market expectations.

4. Competitive and Comparative Advantages more

  • Can you stand out from the crowd? How about building on what each partner is good at as a part of a scalable ecosystem? We draw out your distinguishing value. And find out what other industries are doing which can be adapted to work for your challenges. So you can highlight a unique value proposition and business offering to your community.

5. Growth Strategies more

  • Where, when and how can you further your goals despite the disadvantages? We include SunZi's Art of War strategies and tactics in our suggestions to you. Make strides where it counts.

6. Innovation Enablers and Technological Disruptors more

  • We search for shifts and breakthroughs in processes or technology. Will your business model be at risk? Or can you adapt it as an advantage?

7. Business Model Diagnostics more

  • Rethink your idea of ownership to grow in the market. Can we adapt - franchising, joint-venture, partnership, diversification, management contracts, social enterprise, or an uncommon collaboration model?

Organizational Development

1. Gap Analysis and Road Mapping more

  • Are those milestones realistic for your people? We know how you feel to be overworked and misguided. Partner with us to convert your plan into manageable tasks that fulfill your made-to-order solution.

2. Performance Metrics more

  • What success-measures do you gauge to raise your people's capabilities? Hear what we can share about intangible qualities that would motivate leadership, your teamwork, and benefit the customer experience.

3. Customer Journey Mapping (Spotter Assignments) more

  • We can move unnoticed to observe everyday happenings in your business. We look at your customer touch points, discover their pain points, or conduct scenarios, so you may gain valuable ideas to enhance your products and services.

4. Transition Management more

  • Missed any opportunity because you waited to move everyone together? We enable your progress with a small group of people (who are dedicated, motivated, and able) to set your plans in action. And we coach them to lead later-adopters.

5. Ambidextrous Organization more

  • Is your organization versatile? We identify the elements to build your ambidextrous structures. One part ensures efficient activities for the central business, another part spots new growth prospects. Yet both sections run as concurrent revenue sources.

6. Culture and Innovation more

  • What are the impacts of culture? It defines not just the way people work together. We highlight how culture also impacts originality. We work with you to translate the cultural creativeness of your (diverse) ethnic workgroups into innovative offerings and business advantage.

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