You Decide | 抉擇

Difference | 區分

What is in your mind when you look out the window?

How do you feel as you commute to or from work?

What do you observe of your colleagues when they leave after office hours?

What do you hear around you as you walk down the street or when seated at a cafe?

Are you doing more only to move round in circles?

We recognize the obstacles in your workplace:


People seek progress, only to shift from trend to trend.

Whatever happened to sustainable proposals to lead the business?

Why underrate small returns that can add up to make a difference for all?


People want to go faster, yet are stopped by their lack of know-how or versatility.

Since when did you give up on problems rather than actively seek out new solutions?

Why depend on templates when you can innovate with your resourcefulness?


People link up through technology, but cannot create the relationships to share better ideas.

How often have you upgraded to the latest coordinating technologies or even increased the number of meetings, only to be blind-sided by more time and friction to decision making?

What are you missing in information and in practice to reach your audience?

Aren't you tired of the inconsistent norms?


People seek work-life balances, yet increasingly lose track of what really matters.

When has working after-hours become the rule rather than an exception?

Why should time be ever more insufficient?


People recommend innovation, but settle for convenience and speed rather than explore alternatives.

How often are you following the rules others make instead of defining your own ideas?

What hinders you from using your skills creatively?


People gather information to keep up, only to be weighed down by details without making sense of it.

Why do meeting agendas and checklists grow longer after discussions, but still nothing gets done and nobody cares?

Why should good skills or teamwork be a pricey resource?


Our Approach

We do not market do-it-yourself fix-it tools, corporate assessments, or ready-made solutions.

Neither do we over promise and then under deliver. To our credit, our work exceeds expectations.

Whatever our tasks, we reveal our values, what we stand for, and present our stories of inventiveness.

This is our way of demonstrating authenticity, leadership, and integrity.

Crediting the people we work with, whether they are in the frontline or backstage.

Nurturing our colleagues who strive alongside, so they may overcome the obstacles in their path.

The better options at work or in life need not be pricey to offer great quality.
And we commit our efforts to add that value, into endearing solutions you continue to use and refine.

Why not put your confidence in a joint effort to tackle the issues and achieve the ideas?

Together - You and I - combining our strengths and differences into positive, rewarding, and sustainable outcomes.

Our sincere challenge:

You can move along to follow conventional trends in the market.
Or you can take charge to make headway, with us as your teammates.

Chat with us over our Tea Time Consulting
to find out how we can complement you to tailor your solution.

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